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Platinum Survival Guide
  New to DragonRealms?

Experienced DragonRealms player who is having trouble adjusting to Platinum?

The information accessed from this page should help you get started in DragonRealms Platinum.

  Ealdgyth's Guide

A long vellum is tacked up securely to the Town Green Board.

It reads:

Ealdgyth's Bits and Pieces of Advice to Newcomers to Our Lands - Being the Second of a rather intermittant series designed to save Ealdgyth's voice

One - Welcome one and all! Glad you decided to join us in our (mostly) fair lands.

Two - Some things are a bit different here than where you may have been residing before. I'd like to set forth some of the things that often times bewilder newcomers so that you can be warned. If you want to go ahead do things anyway, hey, that's why the gods gave us the ability to choose.

Three - First difference... our vaults are free for the asking to all citizens. You may only have one vault, but can transfer the contents from town to town. All you need do to recieve your vault is go to a Carousel Square and approach the desk. Just try to slip the clerk any sort of payment, and he'll recognize you and give you your vault for free. Now, it's not MY fault if you fill your vault up quick, I have no sympathy, mine is perpetually overflowing...

Four - The main gathering place for everyone is just outside the Northeast Gate. Please note our lovely benches, our warm and cozy firepit and the other odd bits and pieces of things out there... more on those later. Feel free to sit down on a suitably sized bench and just enjoy the company. Other gathering points are the Half-Pint Inn, and several other places, as we're sort of outgrown the space that can reasonably be accomodated at the Northeast Gate without causing way too much scroll.

Five - Equipment. Good places to scrounge for starting equipment are the racks in the Paladin Guild, the charity chest in the Cleric's Guild, several racks scattered in various guilds (Bard, Warrior Mage, and Ranger that I know of) and the cabinet in the Empath's Guild. Also, remember me mentioning the stuff outside the Northeast Gate? There is a basket there that usually contains a good variety of things for newcomers to use. Feel free to take what you need from any of these spots, all that is asked is that when you get more settled, you help keep stuff on them for other newcomers.

Six - Continuing along the equipment idea... if you must have something for your guildleader and you can't scrounge it from the sources I just mentioned, most everyone will be glad to help you with the basics that you need, i.e. a rune, an instrument, some weapons, or whatever. However, don't expect that someone is going to go out and buy you Shard Leathers or some such. It might happen, but counting on it is probably not a wise idea. I am always happy to be approached by someone who needs help, I'm not always about Crossing, but usually someone knows where I'm hiding...

Seven - Healing. Lets face it, empaths aren't exactly thick on the ground. While sometimes if you gweth for an empath, one will magically appear, that doesn't always happen. Our empaths are lovely and dedicated, but they have thier own lives too... and sometimes they are so beat up that they just have to hide away and heal themselves up. In order to help them, learn what herbs heal what wounds. Carry herbs with you at all times. If you can't afford them, ask folks to help you forage them so that you do have what's needed. Also, learn where the various hositals are and use them when you are about to die. Debt can be repaid easier than you think, and the worst thing is to die and rot.

Eight - Dying. Face it, it's gonna happen sooner or later... likely sooner given some of the gods recent pronouncements. Get favors... lots of them. If you don't carry a good amount of favors, you're going to get lecutred by Grandma Phandra sooner or later. That's not fun, except for those of us watching the lecture. (grins evily). We have only a handful of raising clerics, and while the Tog Rescue Team is wonderful (all hail the Togs!)... the clerics have thier own lives too... sometimes they are just not going to be able to get to you. Sometimes a rejuvenation is all you'll be able to get, unfortunately. However, most folks in our Realms will move heaven and earth to make sure you do get that restoration of your memories... When I feel someone fall, I will try to get my familiar out and looking for you. The Moon Mages will be doing the same. We LIKE to rescue folks... so try to leave us a corpse to rescue? It helps if you tell someone, anyone, where you will be huntng so we know where to look.

Nine - On that note, understand that if you wanna hunt way over your head, sooner or later the empaths and clerics will get tired of rescuing you. It's one thing to go on a rescue. It's another to be constantly rescuing someone. 'Nuf said.

Ten - IC and OOC - (slips into Vicki talking) We're pretty tolerant of how you wanna play your character, or at least we try to be... however, there are a few things that have just become not law, but understood to be expected if you wanna be considered IC. One, until someone either introduces themselves or is introduced, you don't know that character's name. Yeah, I know you SEE the name, but your character doesn't see the name, your character sees a Human Female or a Elven Male. This one is the biggest one to follow. Two .. OOC knowledge. Yeah, we the players all know that if you see someone sprawled out in front of the beggar that they are a thief. However, unless your character is a thief, your character has no clue why that idiot is lying on the ground... so acting on your OOC knowledge is generally frowned on. No one is going to kill your character over it, but it's caused conflicts in the past, and it's another one of those things that makes Plat special.

Eleven - (gosh, I'm longwinded) - Plat vs. Prime... - the history of Plat is different than the history of Prime. Some things just never happened in Plat. Like the Pirates Plunder thing. Or the maneating Merlew. Yes, we have Sorrow, but we've not completed that story line yet. Some other things differ also. You're safe talking about the Gorbesh War, that happened. The best way to look at it is ... everything that happened in Prime prior to March 1999 (when Plat started) happend in Plat too...after that date, it's probably best to check with someone before assuming it happened. Catch Ealdgyth in game or one of the other ancient ones, and we'll usually be glad to help steer you in the right direction.

Twelve - Quests - We get free runs of the quests here in Plat. Halo (our darling and loveable Plat Guru) will announce that she's got some dates for whatever quest. We just then go to the folder on these boards labeled "Quest signups" and put down our characters names to go. Generally, we try to let everyone have a chance to go before repeating a quest with a character.

Thirteen - Pretitles - You'll note folks running around with goofy pretitles (okay, most aren't GOOFY, but you get the idea) that aren't any you've ever seen before. This is one of the little perks that we have to encourage RPing... you can create your own personalized pretitle, within reason. Halo posted about it a while back, and you'd be better off reading her post for the particulars.

Fourteen - PTDs (Personal Teleportation Devices) or 'jumpy jewelry' - another Plat perk. These are what they sound like, personal teleporting things that let you jump to certain perdermined places if the right moon is up and you still have a charge in them. They are sold by a merchant and also are supposed to be appearing in the treasure system. Catch someone in game for all the particulars, but they are nice.

Gah, I've rambled on and on and on. Sorry guys! Hope this was helpful.

V - the somewhat insane one behind Eald and Eg and Abeli and a few others.

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