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Cleric Spells

Protection from Evil - No Prereqs
    Confound Enemies - Requires Protection from Evil, Level 15
    Minor Physical Protection - Requires Protection from Evil
        Kertigen's Will - Requires Minor Physical Protection, Vigi
        Major Physical Protection - Requires Minor Physical Protection, Level 15
            Benediction - Requires Bless, Major Physical Protection, Level 30

Chill Spirit - No Prereqs
Rejuvenation - Requires Level 2
    Vigil - Requires Rejuvenation
        Soul Bonding - Requires Vigil
        Centering - Requires Vigil

Bless - No Prereqs
    Uncurse - Requires Bless
        Curse of Zachriedek - Requires Uncurse
        Malediction - Requires Uncurse, Level 15
        Huldah's Pall - Requires Uncurse
    Divine Radiance - Requires Bless
        Revelation - Requires Divine Radiance
        Aesrela Everild - Requires Vigil, Divine Radiance, Level 20
        Harm Evil - Requires Divine Radiance
        Shield of Light - Requires Divine Radiance
            Halo - Requires Shield of Light
    Osrel Meraud - Requires Divine Radiance, Level 20
        Persistence of Mana - Requires Osrel Meraud