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  ~ GMs ~

Halo oversees Plat, and does a marvelous job at looking out for the interests of the players, as well as making sure there is always something new and exciting to do and experience.  She is and has always been Plat's #1 perk.  Platnum also has GM Granthal as Halo's assistant and leader of the ALAE program (see below), and is currently working on training a Platinum-only Event GM.

  ~ Smaller Community ~

Tired of feeling lost in the crowds? Looking for a place where everyone knows your name, and you know theres? Tired of competeing with others for choice hunting spots, or home areas?   If so, Plat may well be the place for you.  Plat offers a much smaller player base, which allows for a less hectic, confusing environment.  Because the world is so vast, and the population is relatively small, it's easy for everyone to carve their own place in the world and make a name for themselves.

  ~ Stricter Policy Enforcement ~

Stricter policy in Plat makes it much harder for disruptive players to survive long, let alone survive.  Penalties for AFK scripting are much more severe, and players that go out of their way to harrass and annoy people will quickly find themselves alone in a very large and hostile world.  Disruptive behavior is not tolerated, and is usually handled swiftly, and firmly.

  ~ Increased Role-Playing Opportunities ~

One benefit of a smaller population is the ability to develop much more involved and in-depth relationships with those around you.  The days of waiting in long lines for an alterer or travelling merchant are over, and there is usually ample opportunity for everyone to get involved in events and major storylines.  Role-playing awards are much easier to come by as well, for much the same reason; while there are fewer GMs watching Plat, there are also significently fewer players to watch, and far fewer distractions, so the chance of gaining RP awards is much higher.

  ~ Custom Pre-Titles ~

Platinum characters past the novice stage can ask GM Halo for a custom pre-title once per month.  This pre-title can be up to 15 characters long (including spaces).  It cannot be a pre-existing guild title for another guild, or for your own at a higher circle (some exeptions may be made for thief characters).  The pre-title cannot imply nobility - ie no Lord, King, etc.

  ~ Free Quests ~

Approximately once per month, Platinum players will have the chance to join one of three Quests: Taisidon, Dunshade, or Gnome Inheritance Quest.  GM Halo will announce which quests will be run, and the dates, on the Platinum Message Boards, and the first 10 to sign up will go, with others on stand-by as alternates.  First priority will be given to accounts that have not gone before at all times.

  ~ Increased Sense of Adventure ~

Due to the smaller player base, hunting is a much riskier undertaking in Platinum, with much more serious consequences.  Healers are much harder to find, and clerics that can raise the dead are a rarity.   Those who enjoy the atmosphere of danger should find this much more to their liking, and those who play clerics and empaths will find their services much more respected and admired.  Major rescue missions are much more common, and the community spirit can make even a normal hunting accident into a major event.

  ~ Reduced In-Game Prices ~

The prices on several items and services in the game have been reduced to match the much smaller economy base in Platinum.  This applies to some normal shops and services, as well as many wandering merchants and festivals.  Assisted weddings are also at a reduced in-game price.

  ~ Architectural and Landscaping Association of Elanthia (ALAE) ~

Platinum is home for the DragonRealms version of ALAE, which allows players who have been in Platinum for 90 consecutive days and who have met minimum requirements to create their own private areas, as well as work on projects for GameMasters for which they will receive in-game pay.  See ALAE for the official ALAE web site.  You can also check out some more specific information on my own ALAE page here on this site.

  ~ Personal Teleportation Devices ~

A unique set of magic devices known as PTDs (Personal Teleportation Devices) or more popularly as Jumpy Jewelry (JJ) are available via a travelling merchant in Platinum.  These devices will allow the users to teleport to various locations throughout the world when the right moons are overhead.  You can find more information about these devices in the Library section, in a book entitled, "A Treatise on Personal Teleportation Devices".  You can also find a basic chart of the pre-set devices in the afforementioned book, or in the Platinum Survival Guide under Jumpy Jewelry.

  ~ Jadeite and Kyanite Gwethdesuan ~

Kyanite and especially Jadeite gweths are far more common in Platinum than in Prime.  As a result, Platinum players are much more readily able to keep in contact with each other - a necessary tool for survival in such a small world.

  Premium Benefits for Platinum

  ~ Private Homes ~

Platinum members are eligible for one private home per account as soon as they join.  Once they have made enough to afford a home (at reduced Plat prices, no less!), they'll find they have much less competition for the choice building sites, which is another wonderful advantage.  

  ~ 35+ character slots ~

Platinum members can have 10 Premium characters in Prime, as well as 25 character slots in Platinum.  Further, they will have character slots available in DragonRealms: The Fallen, for a total of over 35 possible characters.

  ~ Enhanced Vaults ~

Vaults in Platinum are larger than those in normal DragonRealms, and have the added advantage of being rent free!  Store away your extra gear, and enjoy the convenience of being able to transfer vault contents from city to city.

  ~ Multiple Type-Ahead Lines ~

Platinum members have a larger buffer, allowing them to type up to two lines ahead.

  ~ Access to All Game Areas ~

Platinum members have access to all the Premium game areas, hunting grounds, and services.  Further, they have access to Jadewater Mansion and Greywind Manor, which is unique to Platinum.

  ~ Enchanced GM Assistance ~

Platinum members have a seperate queue for Assists and Reports, and have priority status.  If an Assist goes unanswered for over 20 minutes, Platinum members have the option of Reporting for help to speed up the process even further. Note: when using this Report option, it is expected that the player will be respectful and courteous to the staff, and merely Report that they have been waiting on an Assist for 15+ minutes and are reporting per Plat policy.  Please do not abuse this policy, lest we lose it.

  ~ 10% Discount ~

Platinum members get a 10% discount on DragonRealms merchandise and event tickets, including SimuCon.