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Trader Festival
  [All That Sparkles]
Silken cloth billows from the walls and ceiling, floating in a dance with a breeze from an unseen source as their partner.  Cases painted a multitude of colors edge the perimeter of the tent.  Small gaethzen spheres are fixed to each case, focused on the treasures settled upon each one.  You also see a flap, a black velvet-lined jeweler's tray with some stuff on it, a velvet tapestry with some stuff on it, a pillow-topped pedestal with some stuff on it, and a jewelry tree with some stuff on it.

>look on tray
On the jeweler's tray you see an exquisite ironwood appraisal loupe suspended from a twisted animite chain, a delicate ebonwood appraisal loupe suspended from a brushed silver chain, a delicate rosewood appraisal loupe suspended from a burnished gold chain, a thin gold appraisal loupe etched with a floral pattern and a marbled jeweler's loupe.

>look on tap
On the velvet tapestry you see an intricate sapphire Dragon Spine orchid pin with a fine platinum stem, a polished black hematite nightflower pin with a tarnished silver stem, a shimmering moonstone fae slipper pin with a brushed silver stem, a smooth amber ghostflower pin with a slender gold stem, an exquisite emerald cactus pin with tiny ivory spines, a tiny mother-of-pearl Eluned's tear pin with a finely polished silver stem, a purple jade phofe flower pin with a brushed silver stem, a sparkling white diamond rosette pin nestled in a circle of emerald leaves, a delicately carved ruby catmint-blossom pin with a finely polished gold stem and an intricately carved amethyst snapdragon pin with a finely polished silver stem.

>look on ped
On the pillow-topped pedestal you see a narrow platinum amulet set with a shimmering dragon's scale sapphire and a burnished animite band set with a cabochon serpent's heart ruby.

>look on tree
On the jewelry tree you see a brushed silver pendant inlaid with an exquisite frostflare opal, a polished Elven ivy anklet crafted from interlocking jade leaves, a delicately carved amber honeysuckle circlet with linked emerald leaves, a deep purple amethyst vine bracelet with etched silver leaves, some silver wire hoop earrings strung with multi-hued gemstone chips, a silver wire anklet strung with multi-hued gemstone charms, a silver wire bracelet strung with multi-hued gemstone charms and a delicate phofeolkan pendant.

  [Trader Toys]
Colorful silks are draped all around the area, giving a shimmering quality to the light emitted by gaethzen spheres suspended from the ceiling.  Shelves line the walls, holding various toys for the customers to browse through.  You also see a large curio, a blanket-lined basket, a pinata rack with some stuff on it, and an exit flap.

>look on shel
On the shelves you see some oversized platinum dokoras, some oversized gold lirums, some oversized silver kronars, some fuzzy baby yaks, some silvery silk stars, some miniature roan horses, some red wooden apples, some stuffed white feathered chickens, some green leather toads, some broken loupes, some multi-hued juggling scarves, some old shoes and some miniature leather-bound books.

>look in cur
In the large curio you see a toy ironwood caravan, a toy gilt-edged caravan, a toy sleek black caravan, a toy covered caravan, a toy steel-wheeled caravan and a toy weathered caravan.

>look in bask
In the blanket-lined basket you see a cloaked thief doll, a drowsy trade minister doll, a surly clerk doll, a Guildleader Imaar doll, a Guildleader Willowbrook doll, a Guildleader Raelem doll, a Guildleader Seranda doll, a Guildleader Kworlin doll and a glum caravan driver doll.

>look on rack
On the pinata rack you see a brown yak pinata, a silvery star-shaped pinata, a golden caravan pinata, a pearly Grazhir pinata and a multicolored dragon pinata.

  [Wholesale Wagon]
Full shelves top cabinets hung over counters filling every available inch of wall space in the room, all lit by well-placed gaethzen spheres suspended from the ceiling.  A massive table in the center of the wagon leaves little room for patrons to skirt the edges, examining all the wares for sale at discount prices.  You also see a large sign, a large wardrobe, a weapon rack with some stuff on it, an armor stand with some stuff on it, a jewelry tree with some stuff on it, a ring tray with some stuff on it, and a door.

>look in ward
In the large wardrobe you see a wide-sleeved scholar's robe emblazoned with a shimmering dragon, a flowing silk scholar's robe, a midnight blue velvet scholar's robe embroidered with the three moons, an elegant scholar's robe embroidered with an owl perched on a stack of tomes, a dark satin dress with pure white rabbit fur along the neckline, some silken trews stitched with a red and black plaid design, some finely pleated trousers with a dragon curled around one leg, a finely tailored shirt with a button-down collar, a light silk blouse with diamond-inlaid silver buttons, a faded peasant dress with a dingy white apron, a seafoam green skirt with a fine white lace overlay, a blood-red tabard stitched with shadowy black silhouettes, a simple healing apron, a fine velvet tabard stitched with the four historical moons, a rich silk tabard stitched with a multitude of coins, a shadowy black tabard stitched with two emerald green eyes, a seafoam green tabard stitched with a multi-hued dolphin, a rich purple tabard edged with thick gold fringe, a royal blue tabard stitched with silvery crossed weapons, a black velvet tabard stitched with a shimmering multi-hued dragon, a black silk sarong stitched with brightly colored orchids and a richly embroidered silk scholar's robe adorned with golden musical notes.

>look on rack
On the weapon rack you see a sleek composite bow with a tiny skull dangling from one end, some skull-shaped stones, a rough leather sling stitched with long slender bones, a thin-bladed skinning knife with a supple leather grip, a narrow carving knife with a polished ironwood hilt, a fine ebony long bow with acid-etched steel end caps, a silk-strung short bow with a polished nacre arrow plate, a slender blade with a spiral jet grip, a heavy steel broadsword set with a gnarled tooth at the pommel and a curved scimitar with an acid-etched blade.

>look on stand
On the armor stand you see some camouflage hunters covered with leather leaves, some bloodstained leathers with sharp steel studs along the seams, a camouflage leather collar studded with bronze leaf charms, a black leather collar with silver star-shaped studs, a blued chain gorget set with silver spikes, a steel chain collar shot through with a narrow strip of leather, a fine-linked silver chain gorget, a heavy burnished gold chain gorget set with gemstone flowers, a slender leather collar stitched with multi-hued silken strands, a polished scale gorget etched with golden flames, a burnished plate gorget set with a single tear-drop blood-red ruby, a fine silvery hauberk with a flame pattern worked in the links, some silvery chain gloves lined with white fur, a supple leather mask with transparent rose-tinted eye guards, some thick leather gloves set with silver claws, a roughened leather mask embossed in silver with a fiendish visage, a roughened leather coat embossed with jagged silvery lines, some polished plate greaves engraved with golden flames, a burnished steel breastplate set with a cluster of blood-red rubies over the heart, some polished steel vambraces etched with a flame pattern on each pauldron, a braided leather tasset reinforced with steel spikes, some fine-linked silvery mesh handguards, a blackened great helm set with shield-shaped rivets, some fine chain greaves with a flame pattern worked in the links and some double leather greaves embossed with twisted silver lines.

>look on tree
On the jewelry tree you see a polished brooch depicting an emerald dragon curled around a moonstone, some dangling crescentic moonstone earrings, a heavy steel chain with a carved ivory dragon skull, some burnished gold cufflinks forged to resemble miniature tomes, some fine ivory cufflinks carved to resemble dragon skulls, some cylindrical ruby cufflinks set with diamond stars, a spiral silver necklace with a sea-green glass charm and a twisted cord of braided sinew strung with miscellaneous teeth.

>look on tray
On the ring tray you see a delicate cut-silver wedding ring inlaid with pure white marble chips, a heavy cut-silver wedding ring inlaid with marble chips, a narrow crystal wedding band, a wide mosaic wedding band, a platinum dragon's claw wedding band, a curling gold engagement ring crafted to resemble a lithe serpent, a blued silver engagement band set with diamond stars, a brushed silver engagement ring set with a purple jade sphere and a twisted ironwood engagement ring set with emerald ivy leaves.

>look on table
On the massive table you see a soft heather dyed thigh pouch sewn with a jeweled orchid, a sunburst yellow thigh pouch sewn with a jeweled sunflower, a sunset orange thigh pouch sewn with a jeweled tiger lily, a deep crimson thigh pouch sewn with a jeweled rose, a forest green thigh pouch sewn with jeweled ivy, a cobalt thigh pouch sewn with a jeweled tulip, a royal purple thigh pouch sewn with a jeweled stargazer lily, a smooth leather sporran with a spiked steel clasp, a thick leather sporran with dangling white fox tails, a rich leather-bound book, a soft cotton haversack stitched with a collage of flowers, a night black haversack with a blackened steel clasp, a dingy rat pelt haversack adorned with dried tails, a leathery multi-hued haversack crafted to resemble a curled dragon, a deep black weapon harness studded with steel spikes, a snowy-white haversack stitched with the faint outline of a fox, a midnight blue velvet wand belt stitched with various constellations, a scorched leather wand belt, a slender wand belt stitched with odd runic symbols in bright golden thread, a soft mesh backpack adorned with gemstone charms and a cypress map case set with a compass design.

>look on shel
On the shelves you see a steel grey gem pouch embroidered with crossed weapons, a rich brown gem pouch stitched with the silhouette of a howling wolf, a pale green gem pouch with images of herbs traced in gold stitchery, a tri-colored gem pouch embroidered with swirling white stars, a golden gem pouch with coins stitched in platinum and copper threads, a flat black gem pouch stitched with crimson and orange flames, a soft grey gem pouch with a white and black silhouette of a temple and a vibrant blue gem pouch embroidered with golden musical notes.

>look in cab
In the cabinets you see some twisted silver spectacles, some black thick-framed spectacles, some dark square-framed spectacles, some oval-framed spectacles with amber-tinted lenses, some diamond-framed spectacles with smaragdine-tinted lenses, some half-moon spectacles with azure-tinted lenses, some triangle-framed spectacles with wine-tinted lenses, some rusty spectacles with sooty lenses, some half-moon spectacles with amethyst-tinted lenses, a burnished gold monocle with a matching chain, an elegant platinum monocle with a matching chain and a darkened silver monocle with a matching chain.

  [Trader Social Extraordinaire, Trinket Corner]
The corner is sparsely decorated and just large enough to serve its purpose of guarding the trinkets away from the hustle and bustle of the busy pavilion.  You also see the main room, a woven basket, a party hat rack with some stuff on it, a hook with a square canvas shopping bag on it, and a bucket of viscous gloop.

>look in bask
In the woven basket you see a colorful party cracker.

>look on hook
On the hook you see a square canvas shopping bag.

>look on rack
On the hat rack you see a large felt hat crafted to resemble a yak's head, a stiff felt cone cap stitched with silvery stars, a folded sailor's hat made out of old news parchments, a silvery hat with dangling glittery snowflakes, a bright glittery hat set with a parchment dragon, a golden parchment hat set with wide opalescent wings, a parchment cone hat crafted from old contracts, a wide-brimmed boater adorned with dangling yak charms, a stout cubical cap crafted to resemble a caravan and a flat circular cap painted to resemble a platinum dokora.

  [Tools of the Trader, Sales Floor]
The interior of this caravan is the epitome of organization -- there's a place for every item, and every item has a place.  A cloak rack stands tall in one corner at the end of a counter, adorned with a multitude of fabulous garments draped from every side.  Opposite the counter, a long table rests pushed up against the wall.  To complete the symmetrical design, a trunk sits in the corner directly opposite the rack.  You also see a shoe tree with some stuff on it, a feedbag display with some stuff on it, an abacus stand with some stuff on it, and a door.

>look on tree
On the shoe tree you see some dainty dress slippers, some glossy black dress shoes, some detailed tapestry slippers, some soft slippers with flowing silken straps and some elegant black leather boots.

>look on dis
On the feedbag display you see a simple canvas feedbag, a white linen feedbag covered with grass stains, a cerulean feedbag stitched with tiny daisies, a large leather feedbag stitched with a plump yak and a cheery yellow feedbag constructed to resemble an ear of corn.

>look on stand
On the abacus stand you see a polished maple abacus with frosted glass beads and a fine black ironwood abacus with faceted crystal beads.

>look on trunk
On the brass-edged trunk you see a dark ebonwood ledger case set with a deep red step-cut ruby, a cut silver ledger case with gold velvet lining, a white ironwood contract case inlaid with coins and an ironwood contract case carved in bas-relief.

>look on table
On the long table you see a short blue brocade skirt with fine gold fringe along the hem, a rich cashmere dress jacket with polished turtle-shell buttons, an elegant black shirt, a soft spidersilk gown with a cluster of moonstones at the neck, a smooth linen sundress stitched with large tropical flowers, a light cotton sundress embroidered with tiny white flowers, a delicate sundress with rich shadow embroidery, a crushed velvet tunic emblazoned with a large feathery chicken, some elegant black trousers, a fluid pearlescent blouse, a flowing silk tunic clasped at the shoulder with a diamond brooch and a finely tailored silk shirt with polished nacre buttons.

>look on count
On the narrow counter you see an ironwood caravan care kit carved with various pack animals, a thick leather rucksack painted with a pattern of shimmering dragon scales, a soft fur rucksack with dangling white fox tails, a road-worn traveler's rucksack, a textured tapestry rucksack, a colorful traveler's rucksack draped with long silk ribbons, a traveler's rucksack, an elegant black traveler's rucksack, a canvas feed pouch, a white linen feed pouch covered with grass stains and a cerulean feed pouch stitched with tiny daisies.

>look on rack
On the cloak rack you see an exquisite triptych cloak, a textured tapestry cloak, a flowing traveler's cloak edged with curling gypsy knotwork, a dark traveler's cloak stitched with a mass of writhing serpents, a richly beaded traveler's cloak, a road-worn traveler's cloak, a soft fur cloak trimmed with pristine white fox tails, a heavy greatcloak with a thick mane of clouded arzumos fur, a thick leather greatcloak painted with a pattern of shimmering dragon scales, an elegant black gentleman's greatcloak, a matted yak-hair cloak and a gaudy crazy-quilt cloak adorned with a multitude of miniature coin charms.