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Defining the Bard Guild

From the DragonRealms Site
Masters of Music, and well schooled in a wide range of skills and lore, a Bard drinks in all he or she can of the happenings of the lands and uses it to their advantage. To attempt to define a Bard is to try to put order to the sands on the shore -- they are warriors, performers, wanderers, teachers, scholars... and much much more.

A boon to any adventuring group, their area-affecting magic can be instrumental to its survival and success. Be sure to bring extra libations, for a Bard's job is thirsty work.

About 180 years ago, a darkness fell upon the Guild with their near extermination by the Dragon Priests, silencing their voice and scattering their unity. The spirit of Music was reawakened by the selfless acts of Siryn -- and the voices of those who sang for her. Much has been rebuilt since the Guild doors were reopened, a new spirit and unity grows within that portents to rival and surpass what once was a proud and vibrant past.