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  Name: Littleheart Anali Jor'dan of Therengia Race: Human Guild: Bard
Gender: Female Age: 6 Circle: 11
You were born on the 6th day of the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the
year of the Iron Toad, 362 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

Your birthday is more than a month away.

Strength : 13 Reflex : 12
Agility : 12 Charisma : 11
Discipline : 13 Wisdom : 16
Intelligence : 12 Stamina : 14

You are Littleheart Anali Jor'dan of Therengia, a Human.
You have amber eyes. Your brown hair is shoulder length and straight, and
is worn arranged in ringlets. You have fair skin.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing a carved ivory neithrel band fastened with five platinum
chains, a white chemise with a drawstring neck and puffed sleeves, some
thin-soled velvet slippers with spiraling straps, an elegantly embroidered
hooded cloak of crisp Elothean silk, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite
gwethdesuan, a soft colorful backpack adorned with gauzy ribbons and crystal
beads, a jaunty red beret, a diaphanous crimson gossamer skirt resplendent
with golden scarves, a silver barrette encrusted with rubies and some white

Thinking back on what your Guildleaders have taught you, you remember
mastering the following enchantes....

Hodierna's Lilt (str/perc), Eye of Kertigen (sung), Faenella's Grace
(chant), Rage of the Clans (chant), Redeemer's Pride (chant), Drums of the
Snake (percussion).

  SKILL: Ability

Shield Usage: promising novice
Leather Armor: promising novice
Light Chain: promising novice
Light Plate: lowly novice
Parry Ability: able novice
Multi Opponent: able novice
Light Edged: able novice
Medium Edged: able novice
Heavy Edged: lowly novice
Light Blunt: able novice
Light Crossbow: lowly novice
Heavy Crossbow: lowly novice
Light Thrown: lowly novice
Primary Magic: trained novice
Harness Ability: trained novice
Power Perceive: trained novice
Magical Devices: lowly novice
Targeted Magic: lowly novice
Evasion: promising novice
Climbing: lowly novice
Perception: lowly novice
Hiding: lowly novice
Disarm Traps: lowly novice
First Aid: promising novice
Foraging: lowly novice
Skinning: promising novice
Swimming: promising novice
Scholarship: trained novice
Mechanical Lore: able novice
Musical Lore: full novice
Appraisal: lowly novice
Teaching: able novice
Percussions: able novice
Strings: full novice
Winds: able novice
Vocals: full novice