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  Name: Battle Hooligan Seteria Relaanla of Elanthia Race: Human Guild:Empath
Gender: Female Age: 49 Circle: Secret :)
You were born on the 4th day of the 4th month of Shorka the Cobra in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 320 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

You have crystal blue eyes. You are bald, with pale skin.
You look tired.

Strength : 15 Reflex : 19
Agility : 16 Charisma : 15
Discipline : 27 Wisdom : 26
Intelligence : 24 Stamina : 25

You have faint scuffing to the right leg, faint scuffing to the left leg.

You have a green blood worm on your right leg, a green blood worm on your right leg, a green blood worm on your left leg, a green blood worm on your left leg, a green blood worm on your left leg.

You are holding a cambrinth orb supported by a trio of prancing unicorns in your right hand.
You are wearing a blackened chain coif with a silvery steel eye-guard, some blackened mail gloves, a blackened chainmail robe painted with a silver-maned unicorn, a red  kite shield inlaid with cinnabar and opal highlights, a scarlet leather belt studded with copper rivets and circles of polished jet, some winged storm-grey boots, a fiery scarlet purse, a scratched wedding band with an empty jewel setting, a gold armband intricately engraved with the images of Empaths going through the various tasks of healing, a tawny gold suede bodice trimmed with scarlet boobrie feathers, a swirling scarlet spidersilk skirt shot with glittering golden threads, a soft scarlet leather garter with tiny gold buckles, an Empath "On-duty" button, an exquisitely tailored cloak that hangs from shoulder to ankle in unbroken waves of black watersilk, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a scarlet thigh bag sloppily embroidered with a unicorn pattern in gold-colored thread, a scarlet journey pack embroidered with a prancing white unicorn, a burnished ruby stud and a brushed silver cloak pin inset with a twisted crystal cebi root.

  SKILL: Ability
Shield Usage: beginning practitioner
Leather Armor: beginning practitioner
Light Chain: trained novice
Heavy Chain: lowly novice
Heavy Plate: lowly novice
Parry Ability: full novice
Multi Opponent: full novice
Light Edged: lowly novice
Medium Edged: lowly novice
Heavy Edged: lowly novice
Medium Blunt: promising novice
Short Bow: lowly novice
Quarter Staff: lowly novice
Pikes: lowly novice
Halberds: lowly novice
Light Thrown: lowly novice
Brawling: beginning practitioner
Primary Magic: 2nd degree expert
Harness Ability: 8th degree expert
Power Perceive: proficient ardent
Magical Devices: experienced ardent
Targeted Magic: lowly novice
Evasion: competent practitioner
Climbing: beginning ardent
Perception: skilled practitioner
Hiding: proficient practitioner
Disarm Traps: lowly novice
Stalking: beginning practitioner
Stealing: trained novice
First Aid: competent adept
Foraging: competent practitioner
Escaping: lowly novice
Skinning: promising novice
Swimming: competent practitioner
Scholarship: skilled practitioner
Mechanical Lore: experienced practitioner
Musical Lore: competent practitioner
Appraisal: proficient practitioner
Teaching: experienced ardent
Transference: competent adept